The 7th Degree of Freedom

Made in collaboration with a revered committee composed by Arnaud Colinart of Agat/Ex Nihilo, Jess Engels of Within, Mike Knowlton of CampFire and Jérémy Pouilloux, president of the I LOVE TRANSMEDIA festival, the selection honors the diversity of genres, fiction, animation, documentary, video games and the immersive power of a form in full effervescence, virtual reality.
Beyond the commercial and industrial enthusiasm of the recent years, and the uncertainties associated with the development of a specific entertainment market, virtual reality is nonetheless an exciting field of creativity.
Storytellers have always sought to immerse audiences in their universe. Virtual reality tries to present itself as the ultimate degree of immersion
The eleven projects that you will discover this year offer an unmissable panorama of the international scene.

Kids Love Transmedia

Augmented books, apps, installations or VR shorts… The heritage intended for young audiences is constantly being enriched with innovative projects, and young generations are increasingly being sought by technologies and new media to learn or to entertain. With this first exhibition devoted to young audiences, we want to pay tribute to projects that make technology a sensitive and poetic subject.
Screens no longer isolate parents from their children, but become gateways to emotions, microscopes to understand the sciences, smugglers to reopen books and, above all, expressways to the imaginary.
The exhibition of projects dedicated to the young ones is open to all children willing to test the projects freely. A series of workshops in partnership with the artists and the production studios will accompany this exhibition.

Innovative Laboratory : TIU Lab

The festival has set up a unique pedagogic laboratory bringing together professionals and students to create a common emulation around original projects for digital platforms. TIU, the association that organizes the ILTM event, aims to promote the professional integration of young people by encouraging meetings and working sessions with professionals around their transmedia projects throughout their cycle of studies.
Books, board games or augmented calendars, apps, virtual reality, video games, transmedia review... these innovative projects are intended to be produced and distributed.
Mediation is provided by the students themselves, an opportunity to interact with passionate enthusiasts who want to meet the public and professional that can accompany them towards the marketing of their works.